Nils Decker

About me

When you are asked to write about Nils Decker, yourself, thus, it’s always hard to find a good start. Here is my attempt in giving you a fun introduction in how I became a photographer.

I have long been obsessed with shooting photos. First with point-and-shoot cameras, later with more professional gear. My “aha moment” came when I went on a business trip to India for the first time. I decided that I wanted something better than my phone camera (yes, I was using a Blackberry at the time ;-)) so I bought a Canon EOS 550d (Rebel in the United States).

When I bought the famous 50mm F1.8 lens for the camera, I tickled the beast of a portrait photographer in me for the first time.

Shooting everything!

Over the next few years, I spent most of my time shooting “everything”. A lot of street photography, a lot of city and landscapes, and whatever else came in front of my lens. Since in my professional life I traveled a lot (think 250+ days per year), I used the camera as an excuse to get out of my hotel room and explore the cities I was visiting.

Refining my style

After moving to the US, I started getting quite outdoorsy and developed a liking for landscape photography and spend a lot of time refining my style. You can still see some of that work on my landscape Instagram account. However, I never felt that it was fully satisfactory and that is when I decided to specialize in portrait photography.

After meeting my long-time musical idol Diego and befriending him, I felt that it was time to take the plunge and dedicate myself fully to the art. He invited me to Mexico to join him at a festival and I took all my courage and asked him if I was allowed to take photos of him before, during, and after his concert to which he kindly agreed. I will write a full “behind the photo” story on this soon.

Check out some of my portraits in the featured section of the site or my larger portrait portfolio. So that’s it, about Nils Decker. How did I do?

Nils Decker